Campaign for The Church Alive


Parish Pledge Payments as of July 31, 2017

Thank you to all of our parishioners who are supporters of Our Campaign for The Church Alive! Your prayers, pledges, and payments help to fulfill the mission of Jesus and His Church to have vibrant parishes with effective ministries. Thank you for saying YES to your parish and the wider Church. Through your generosity, you enable us to show how much God is alive and how much he wants to reach out to us.

Our last report to parishioners was in December of 2016. There have been no new projects undertaken since that time. The information below shows an update of the financials and recap of completed projects.

Mary, Mother of Hope continues to repay their deposit account for the money withdrawn to pay for repairs to the Church roof due to leaks and interior damage which will use all past and future pledge payments. As we receive new pledge payments, money is transferred to savings to replace the roof payment withdrawal.
                  Total pledged - $510,260                            Projected Parish’s share - $188,796.

St. Joseph the Worker campaign funds are being used to repay the loan made when the roof was replaced. As future pledges money is received, it will be transferred to reduce the loan balance.
                 Total pledged - $310,345                              Projected Parish’s share - $114,827.

St. Vincent de Paul’s campaign funds were used to replace the church pews and to inspect the roofs on parish buildings. The next project will be roof replacements since they have exceeded life expectancy and deterioration is setting in. No date has been decided for this work. The pledge balance is $56,240. This and all future pledge dollars received will be earmarked for new roofs.
                Total pledged - $480,435                               Projected Parish’s share - $177,761.

St. Vitus campaign fund’s major project was a new lighting system for the church. There is a pledge balance of $161,817 in the account for the next project planned, which is the renovation of the school/parish kitchen. No date has been decided for this work.
               Total pledge - $1,355,277                               Projected Parish’s share - $501,452.

In addition to the projects listed above, Our Campaign for the Church Alive funds have been used to help underwrite evangelization and adult education in our faith community. We have had renowned speakers, faith- based programs, and on-going adult bible studies for our parishioners.

Parishioners from all four parishes pledged a total of $2,656,317 to Our Campaign for the Church Alive! -- And parishioners are reaping the benefits of their ongoing generosity. GOD BLESS YOU! Many, many thanks to all who made a one-time gift, paid their pledge, or continue to make pledge payments.

A gift before the end of the year to a qualified charitable organization may entitle you to a charitable contribution deduction against your income tax if you itemize deductions.


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